History of Materia- the Mortal Realm

The Modern Calendar
The modern calendar, designed and maintained by the Church of Pelor, is based on a seven day week with two days of rest:

1) Oneday (first day of work week)
2) Twosday (second day of work)
3) Mendsday (originally “threesday,” but changed to honor craftsmen; often stop work early to fix or inspect equipment)
4) Foursday (fourth day of work)
5) Friday (a bastardization of “Fireday,” the last day of work week; incorporated from the druidic calendar, the title “fire” harkens to bonfires historically used to herald celebrations)
6) Satyrday (adapted from druidic times, the title “satyr” harkens to satyrs, festival spirits of woodlands; a day of rest and celebration)
7) Sunday (the day of the sun; a day of rest)

The year consists of twelve months, divided into groups of three to represent each season. The three months are given a prefix according to their chronological order: “wax” for the first month of a season, “mid” for the second, and “wane” for the third. Years are listed in numerically ascending order until the end of an Age. This occurs only when a counsel of leaders and scholars throughout the continent unanimously agree that an Age is over; typically this agreement is triggered by the end of some world-changing event, such as a Descent or The Ascension (see below).

Example Date: “Satyrday the 7th of Wanesummer, Year 122 of the Third Age.”

Ages & Events (in chronological order)
The First Age- The Age of Creation; Creation of the first mortal races, Dragons, Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes as well as monstrous races like the Goblinoid races.
The First Descent- The creation of Humans, Orcs and Halflings as well as the first recorded “war”.
The Second Age- The Age of Light; the beginning of written and recorded history. Birth of Arcane magic and the creation of the Modern Calendar. First Human settlements formed.
The Second Descent- The first Outsiders were allowed access to the Mortal Realm and with them they brought Chaos, Corruption and nearly 1000 years of Darkness.
The Third Age- Also referred to as The Dark Age; An age ruled by three Demonic Princes where magic became scarce and unstable, the Dead began to roam the earth and the Natural world began to wither. The Gods lost nearly all contact with the mortal realm,
The Ascension- Rise of St. Noja, the first human hero, into St. Noja, the Moon Goddess. The human uprising against the Demon Lords and the Birth of Divine Magic.
The Fourth Age- The Modern Age
The Zaurian Invasion- Rise of the First Human Empire.

Historical Figures
Heros and Saints
Zarus- the “Human” god, religious idol of the followers of the Book of Zarus
Maekrixkear- The last Gold Dragon, founder of Herthroden the first city. The oldest living Dragon.
Titania- The Fey Queen
St. Joan- The first human hero, ascended to the moon goddess at the end of the Third Age.
Helthic Thorgrim- The Dwarven Prince who rode under St. Joan, the first Paladin.

History of Materia- the Mortal Realm

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