Materia is said to be the first lands that the gods blessed with life and so the environment is fairly varied. Below is a list of commonly known area’s within Materia. They are orginized under the bolded area’s, which are the names of general area’s of the continent, and under them are individual locations or smaller area’s located within them.

The Great Waste
- Mimic Mansion, A mythical sanctuary rumored to be somewhere in the Great Waste just past the Ironlink Mountains.

Materias Scar
- Wounded Crag, The holy grounds of several prominent Orc Tribes
- Moonrise Ruins, The ruined remains of the Castle of the Dark Princes

The Northern Woods
- Enchantress Gardens, A beautiful field of flowers just before the rivers pass into the northern woods.
- Shadowglade, A settlement of Forestlord Elves in the Darkmeadow Woods.

The Ironlink Mountains
- Fargrim, The Dwarven Kingdom of Old
- Regalia, One of the Great human cities
- Thorin Falls
Gatekey Lake
- Hurthroden

Wanderering Mounds
- Ballards Keep, The only Gnome city

Clayborn Plains
- Zauria Capital
- Redhelm
- Greenpasture

Mystveil Forest
- Elven Territories, A portion of the eastern edge of the forest as well as a small portion of the Clayborn Planes where Elvish refugee’s from the Third Age have come back to set up.
- The High Branches, A large Shifter outpost lying on the edge of the territory in the Mystveil Forest that the Shifters still control.
- Groves Edge, The largest community of Feral Shifters

The Talos Sea
- The Dividing River
- Naileens Traislands

Redfield, The Dead Lands


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