Of Dice and Undead.

The journey continues...

I completely understand if you don’t want to talk about it, charm person. ~Qillathe

After the events of the previous night the gang had set up camp for the night. Sinnott was the first to awaken. He woke up his young ward, Kurdick, to take watch as he took a stroll to the nearby stream to make breakfast. Ren woke up shortly after to converse with Kurdrick and Qillathe awoke to the smell of the breakfast that Sinnott brought back.
Our band of intrepid heroes sat merrily eating until Ren brought up the topic of “Where the hell are we going anyway”? Sinnott had no such plans and although Ren wishes to eventually take on the Zaurian Empire currently Qillathe beeseched the party to accompany her home, as she has some business back in the elven territories. Family Business. Eventually the gang decides that they will head to the elven territories, possibly stopping by in Greenpasture where Qillathe is quite admired and Zauria is closing in on. To get anywhere, however, they’d have to cross the Dividing River and to do that they’d need to get passage across in the Human city of Regalia.
Strolling along the main road to Regalia the group came upon the small village of Glimmeroad. It was there that they met the mighty Paladin Tamba. Tamba had been defending the city for a few nights. Recently the small town had become the victims of a mysterious figure they refereed to as “”/characters/the-pale-master" class=“wiki-content-link”>The Pale Master" and his scourge of undead. Last night his attack had taken a great toll and the town had lost it’s cleric and primary healer, the pelorian cleric St. Marcus.
Vowing to help the Paladin in exchange for guaranteed passage into Regalia the rest of the group decides to help the town fight off the undead. They began preparing by seeking information of the Pale Master around town (later they simply called him “the white man”). Qillathe questioned the only woman who had seen the Pale Master, a frail middle aged human woman named Serena, in the guise of the Halfling woman who ran the inn in town. Through her she discovered that she apparently shares an odd resemblance to the Pale Master, but coming from a human who see’s little elves the information is shaky at best. Meanwhile Sinnott had been visiting the local shops trying to score some helpful items for the night’s attack. While he did not buy much from the pawn shop he was promised a reward for successfully staving off the undead. He was also able to get a good deal on bulk potions at the magical store next door. With Ren’s assistance they were also able to find some holy water in the ruined temple to Pelor and craft some alchemists fire. Sinnott was also able to fork over the silver to allow Tamba to bless 2 more vials of holy water as well as buy some silvered cross bow bolts. Ren was also able to help the group craft a barricade to the city square, drenching it with lantern oil, and then found a solid vantage point on the roof of the inn.
Later that night the group sat awaiting the arrival of the Pale Master. Unfortunately, unlike the nights before, this night did not start with the master himself but with a much griever sight. St. Marcus, filled now with unholy magic, rose from his tomb and summoned with him a multitude of Zombies and Skeletons. A brilliant fireball from Qillathe and some well placed turn undead attempts from Tamba kept the small fry under control but the other party members were having a hard time dealing with the animated corpses. In addition St. Marcus’s undead figure (later identified as a Huecuva) was also proving quite resilient, even to Qillathe’s magic. Eventually the rubble to the temples basement was pushed off from the inside and even more undead poured out, led by the Pale Master himself. And though the Undead would be put back to rest and St. Marcus eventually fell to Qillathe’s magical force, the Pale Master would run off into the woods, laughing jubilantly at the parties success, disappearing into the night.
The group was greeted at dawn as heroes, adorned with gifts and drinks and as much as the small village could give.

Now the group is off to Regalia but not without finding the message the Pale Master left behind in the ruined temples basement: “You found me, you finally found me. Keep following. I’ll be waiting for you at home”.

Who is this figure, what home is he referring to? And does he have a deeper connection with the group? And what will they find in the overbearing city of Regalia? Find out these answers and more on the next exciting episode of D&D.


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